A Month in Heaven

Well I have now reached the first month of working the dream job and when asked how I am enjoying it my response has always been “LOVING IT!!! Don’t miss the corporate world”.

I go back to a week before leaving the security of the corporate world and questions like “am I doing the right thing?, will this pay off? etc” filled my mind. I was about to leave the security of a full time role and the benefits of annual leave when I need days off to turn my back on all that I have known to make the leap into the world of the unknown and follow my passion and dreams of working in racing, well fast forward to now and I can say that it was all purely nerves as I have done well in my first month and have the hang of operations, settled in very well.

So my days typically consist of an early start (usually in the office about 7:30am in the morning). My mornings are then usually getting ready for a meeting with the Trainer and in those meetings we discuss all the Race Nominations & Acceptances, any horses that have come in or gone out of the stable and cover off any emails that need the attention of the trainer, along with any other matters to discuss.

After the meeting I am then lodging the nominations and acceptances into the system and then go on to paying any bills and doing the banking (good old reconciliation on every second day). Responding to any emails that are needed, then at certain points throughout the day I am checking to see if the Nomination and Acceptance fields are out. Once they are, the fields are printed and placed on the desk of the foreman and the trainer, acceptance fields are then sent to the owners to advise of where their horse will be racing. Part of my job also involves jumping on the phone and calling Jockey Managers to book in jockeys for our horses and also contacting owners who have overdue balances to get payment.

Once they are done other tasks that I do on a daily basis are entering any procedures or treatments into the system to be recorded against the horses so that when it comes time to do the monthly accounts, owners are charged accordingly for all the treatments or races that apply to their horse.

So there are tasks that I do on a daily basis and some that are every second day and then the fun part of the month which is doing the monthly accounts. Then there are the tasks that are random and only done when applicable such as Registration paperwork for horses and owners, lease paperwork and so on.

Once all the tasks are crossed off that is my day done and I can turn the lights off in the office and head home until the following day, something I am not getting sick of and doubt that I ever will.

Really loving life and have no regrets!


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