Loving The Dream

It is the eve of coming to the end of my first fortnight in my dream job and all I can say is that I AM LOVING IT!!!

The past two weeks have been so undescribable. Although I have had to learn a lot of processes and new computer systems, I have done very well in taking it all in and building my competence every day. 

Today, the foreperson who had been training me officially handed everything over (with a big grin on her face), while I achieve my dream it is good to be able to see her be where she has much more enjoyment- in the yard with the horses! While I love being around the horses to I am enjoying the admin side of things and being a PA to the Trainer.

My days consist of some of the same routine tasks every day and then of course other tasks to do. Mornings are getting ready for my meetings with the trainer to discuss horse nominations and acceptances (which races, who to ride and what gear they will wear), going through emails, identifying which bills I have to pay and a variety of other dealings.

Then it is back into my office to begin crossing things off and communicating with owners about where their horses are running and of course updating our social media platforms with stable runners and their performance.

Only Tiger- The first horse to win for me as a team member

The best part of the first week is that since joining the stable, I got to experience my first winner as part of the team! While I have experienced wins as an owner, being part of the stable team and having one of the horses do so well it still means just as much. He is also a horse that I give regular pats to as well so was thrilled to see him win.

I still pinch myself every day that this is now my life and that after all the obstacles I have overcome them all and now living my dream. I have no regrets about leaving the corporate world behind, I will be grateful to it though as I was able to live the passion of being able to develop so many people over my time as a trainer, helping others to build their skills and knowledge.

The whole point of my message is that if you have a dream, never give up on it- no matter how many knock backs you get, you need to pick yourself up, dust off the knees and keep trying, eventually it will happen!


2 thoughts on “Loving The Dream

  1. You r sounding extremely content in following your dream
    Still understand how busy you r but have you had any success with pursuing any items we could auction for
    The Abbey Lane fundraiser


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