About Me

My name is Kylie Johnson and I have been fascinated by the Racing Industry and Thoroughbreds since a little girl. I was always drawing pictures of race horses or writing short stories- you guessed it, about race horses! 

21731662_10155519358166758_1193689846159221254_oI don’t come from the traditional methods of being involved in racing, meaning I do not come from a racing family- I am the odd one out! I grew up in a single parent family and while we could never afford much. I was the typical girl in wanting a pony and wanting to go to pony club, sadly these were not options for me. Since I was first exposed to the Thoroughbred my passion for the industry is something I have developed all on my own.

Having this passion at such a young age, I drove my mother nuts, from the first time I laid eyes on the Thoroughbred I wanted  to be a jockey- mum had different ideas about that. I then told her I wanted to be a trainer and one day would train a Melbourne Cup winner- again mum had other ideas.

Over time, persistence paid off and I have found another avenue into this industry that has absorbed my thoughts and heart- Ownership. I have owned race horses for over 6 years and through this time have experienced the highs and lows that comes with the industry, but have learned a lot also about myself. 

I have a passion for not only the horses but wanting to help others understand this industry more to see that it is one filled with love and admiration for the horses. Nobody works in this industry because they have to, people work in the industry purely for the love of The Thoroughbred. I have worked hard to get into this industry that has had my heart my entire life. In 2015, I was fortunate enough to be able to give something back in the form of becoming a volunteer for NSW Thoroughbred Rehabilitation Trust, managed by Scott Brodie and is part of Racing NSW. So every Saturday morning, regardless of the weather and unless one of my horses was racing I would get up early and go out to feed and exercise the horses.

Eventually, being able to exercise some of the horses and being more hands on in their training. Wanting to do more for the industry, I thrived for more and went searching also for more opportunities. I was then fortunate enough to be approached by Thoroughbred Events Australia after seeing my ability to write articles that they offered me to take over their Winning Wednesday segment.

Each week I would share a winning story on either a jockey, trainer, owner or even a horse (Winx gave me some of her time) or a general interest piece on a horse related event that I had gone to.

I was then approached by a company I had desired to be part of for many years and through a post on Facebook, I was approached to continue writing general interest for their website. So of course with the passion I have and the opportunity to work for G1X Racing, how could I say no.

Having built a profile for myself , I was also approached by Patriots Bloodstock & Racing also to take on the role of Racing Editor. Responsible for keeping followers up to date with blogs for the Press Room and also an ambassador attending race days to represent the team.

So I spend most of my time away from my day job attending the races, going to various events, watching my own horses race and writing this blog amongst taking on a variety of projects- but I sit here proud knowing that I have found my calling.

Just goes to show that you can achieve anything if you set your mind to it!






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