G1X Racing Articles

A part of my passion for the Racing Industry also includes sharing stories about various aspects to give an insight to others about what is going on in the industry that I love so much. In the past I was fortunate enough to be responsible for Thoroughbred Events Australia’s “Winning Wednesday” – I would share a story or interview from within the industry that did not get the media attention, I enjoyed uncovering the hidden gem stories about either the horses or the people behind them.

As I now no longer do that role, I have been picked up by G1X Racing (based in Victoria) to write general interest articles for their website. If you are not familiar with their website check it out https://www.g1x.com.au/ 

In such a short time I have written a few articles, to find them click on the News tab or on the links below to read my work.

A New Chapter in Inglis History– read about the inaugural Classic Yearling Sale at the new Riverside Sales complex.

Hardworking Yearling Handlersfind out what it takes to get a yearling ready for the sales and how to keep them calm during the hustle and bustle.

The Value in Patience– this is my perspective on the requirement of needing patience in the racing industry as an owner.

Wilson’s Blade Cuts the Farm– Gold Coast Trainer Marcus Wilson (previously from Muswellbrook) has a strike rate of 2 from 2 when crossing the border to race for prize money in NSW.

A Stallion’s $1 Million Showdown– My first article for G1X breaking down what everyone needs to know about the new initiative in Victorian Racing.