The Next Chapter Begins

Owning racehorses can be a thrilling ride of a lifetime, not many people can say that when they go to the races they are cheering home a horse they have a share in. Although for those luckily enough to be an owner knows exactly the thrills I am talking about.

With your first purchase comes the prestige of telling others that you have a share in a race horse a feeling I experienced now 7 years ago but I still remember it just like it was the other day along with all the comments made from those around me. Then comes the excitement of having to come up with a name for your horse, if in a syndicate (group of people), everyone shares the same experience and then you vote on the naming suggestions to be submitted to the racing authority- then the nervous wait comes of seeing which name gets approved.

If racing on your own, you then get to select your own racing colours (something I am currently doing at present). Can’t wait to share the excitement of seeing my colours on the race track and on a horse that means so much to me.

There are however, times in your horses racing career that difficult decisions have to be made, including moving your horse to a new trainer. Sadly, this is one that I have had to make just recently, however, along with the sadness also a feeling of excitement and optimism has returned.

For those of you who have read my blog “The Ravitude Story” will know that this particular horse means a lot to me as we have come together in not so desirable circumstances. Ravitude went into the care of Thomas Elmes Racing (based in Scone) and started his racing career there. What a journey he has been on in such a short time, he has gone from a horse that would just stand in the barriers to finally after 15 starts breaking his maiden at Cobar (yes in the middle of nowhere). I can definitely tell you that there has been a lot of tears cried over the years- even when putting the winning picture up on the wall!

12th January 2018, Ravitude and I started a new chapter in our adventure- this morning he will be swish his tail goodbye to Tom Elmes and be loaded onto a float to head to Pre-Training (something that he has not experienced before) and once finished there he will then be loaded onto a float and taken to his new stable, Nick Mitchell Racing.

The excitement with this is seeing how he takes to pre-training but also how he adapts to change and what new opportunities he will be exposed to- will we finally see the ability I believe he has! The biggest excitement and for those that know me well know how much this means to me is that Ravi will now be trained at Gosford (much closer than SconeĀ (in fact 3 hours closer). There will be no more long drives to scone and crashing at a dear friends place, Ravi will now be closer which means I can see him more often.

With the change of scenery also comes a change in his ownership, I have also invited others to come into the fun of racing Ravi which will mean making new friends and sharing the race day experience with others- I hope they will love him just as much as I do (although that is a lot).

So as Ravi and I start this new chapter, I invite you all on the ride and will keep you updated with his progress and importantly making his return to the race track.


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