Ravitude Update

So now that the decision was made to retire Ravitude last week, he has now also left his previous spelling paddock and has arrived safely to his new place of residence.

On Friday, Ravitude moved even closer to home departing his comforts of Mangrove Mountain to move to Mulgoa (near Penrith). Upon arriving into his new paddock for the next three months, he found a few things very different – much more room (which he spent a lot of time exploring), an endless supply of lush green grass, hills to run over and fall down on as well as some new buddies or a little herd for him to join. It also hasn’t taken him long to make some new friends.

When making the decision to send him to his new home, I was worried as to how he would settle in or if it would take him some time. I was also worried as to how he would go with the other horses as his whole life would have been in isolation unless out on the track during work or in a race and of course how the herd would accept him, or if they would reject. Seeing footage of how he currently is, I am proud to report he is a very happy horse and is quickly being faced with the elements of being an every day horse. This includes flies buzzing around him and also not relying on the “white bucket” as a food source.

On Sunday, I went out to check in on and him and very happy to report that he is well and definitely a horse that is much happier.

So where to from here?? Well he will spend the next 3 months minimum in this huge paddock with his new found friends, this will give him a chance to fully let down and allow the race and the race feed to grow out of him and for the horse to come out.

Once he has let down and ready, he will then undergo a few months of basic dressage training, this will be to get him used to different things in life and continue to rid him of the life he knows (jump and run). 

As he progresses through the next chapter in his life, I will be there to document and share with followers just what it takes to retrain a thoroughbred race horse for life after racing and why it is important that Off The Track Thoroughbreds are not taken on by beginners and why you simply can’t just take them off the track and jump on.

So stay tuned and I will be in touch with the YouTube Channel details once all set up so you can continue to follow his transition. But for the mean time, enjoy watching him explore his new surroundings.


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