Ravitude Retired

Well today marks the end of one of the hardest chapters in life- Ravitude has been retired from racing.

A relationship that started back in 2015 and sadly not by an honest person, a horse that has got me into so much debt, caused me so many sleepless nights and providing me with one hell of a ride!

Firstly trained out of horse capital of Australia – Scone, Ravi (as he is affectionately known as) started his race career here and let’s say he definitely didn’t get into any black books. A horse that stood in the gates and was quite happy running at the back of the field, on the odd occasion he would thrill and go close (but just never getting to the front). Sent out to the remote township of Cobar (many of you are looking at your maps now to see where it is), he finally broke the maiden status while I was in Scone enjoying the weekend of stallion parades. 

A moment that caused a very long celebration as it had been a very long time coming but one that meant so much to me, I didn’t care it was in the middle of no man’s land! Time passed and he was moved closer to home at Gosford, trained by Nick Mitchell.

Opening up the opportunity for others to be involved in the thrill of racehorse ownership he was leased out and I made some new connections, sadly he gave us a lot of frustrations rather than thrilling times. On debut for Nick, Ravitude looked as if he was going to take the kitty at Taree, sadly Ravitude being him had other ideas and cost himself the race by running sideways instead of straight – he was able to hang on for 3rd.

Over the course of his career, he had some other close calls as well. Goulburn was another that the rain started to come and we knew that we had a horse that seemed to like the mud, almost causing an upset at the nice odds of $34 he was pipped right on the post by the other mud lark in the race – Attainment (Todd Smart stable).

Persistence and patience finally paid off in February 2019, when we sent him back to Taree, over the mile and got the in form Mikayla Weir to take the reins. Well finally he was able to figure out the winning thing again and took my own race colours to victory (so now I can at least say my race colours have won a race- maybe the only race ever!)

Upon reflection it has definitely been a crazy ride and who ever thought a horse could teach a person so much, not only about life but about themselves, showing me that there were areas of myself that need to change (for the better). When he came into my life I was a woman who was broken and had massive trust issues, but with his unspoken love that he has shown me, he has given me the capability to open my heart and allow him to show me genuine love (even though from an animal) it still gives me hope that I can find that level of love in a human male, I just have to put myself out there- be vulnerable and open to the possibilities. All the while doing this being cautious and not giving my everything (especially my trust) so soon but revealing small amounts to me.

So the next chapter for Ravitude will be that he will get the chance to let down and become a normal horse (not one that has to jump and run), hopefully he will make some new friends and learn to run around the paddock with his new found friends. Then when the time is right he will undergo a different type of training which I plan to document and share so that for those who wish to follow can stay tuned with how he is going in his new life.

While it is a sad time in life, it is also an exciting one as the next chapter in his story begins.

Stay Tuned!

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