My Patience Gets Rewarded

A wise man in racing once said “Patience is the cheapest thing in racing, yet seldomly used”- that wise man was none other than Bart Cummings, trainer of 12 Melbourne Cups. Horse Racing is a sport that can definitely test your patience and if you are someone that lacks this personality quality then racing is not the sport for you.

While everyone would love to own a horse as great as Winx or Black Caviar, the harsh reality is that not all race horses are that good. For majority of us, we wait a long time for our horses to break their maiden (win their first race) and then of course to continue working through the grades. It is a known fact in the game that some horses even struggle to win a race let alone a staggering 30 in a row.

Back in August 2017, I was fortunate enough that my third race horse RAVITUDE finally broke his maiden after 15 race starts. The adrenline pumping through my body I recall thinking when his next win would be and where it would be. I have always described myself as someone who has A LOT of patience, little did I know that Ravitude would test exactly how much I would have.

Anyone that knows me and knows the story of Ravitude would be aware of the story behind this horse. After everyone had been nice with congratulating me on the win, others begun to put me down and belittle me. Even during the long drought I have had to endure people being quite nasty and going as far as trying to convince me to sell Ravitude, essentially to give up on him and retire him because he would never win again.

I basically stuck the finger up at these people saying that I would never give up on him as I loved him too much and have always had the belief that he would win again. Little did I know that he would test my patience and push it to the extreme.

Early 2018 I moved Ravitude to a new trainer, which basically meant allowing someone else to get to know him and to work him out, almost like starting over again. Now anyone that knows Ravitude knows that he aint the easiest horse to deal with. However, with a lot of persistence the new trainers have been able to completely change him.

First start with a new trainer and Ravitude almost wins but threw the race away by running sideways, finishing in 3rd. The next time we got close was when he ran a couple of 4ths (after leading until the final stages). The drought almost ended in August last year when he ran at Goulburn and with the rain around went very close to winning as we were at the post but were run down by another horse from the back.

People who had come into the lease of Ravitude became inpatient and decided that enough was enough and wanted out. So with a new lease in place we kept  persisting with him.

Working in a racing stable, I identified a race that had been left open at a track that Ravitude runs well at and also up in distance (1600m or a mile). I put in the call to the trainer and asked to nominate him for that particular race. We nominated and accepted, booking a jockey that has ridden Ravitude before.

Well on Monday 25th February 2019, we took our place in the 5th race at Taree. Jumping cleanly and sitting behind the leader in second, until the 600m mark Ravitude kicked into another gear and ran away with the race, finally crossing the finish line in first position.

So it has been a total of 17 months or a total of 548 days since Ravitude finally won his second race. My patience level is now very validated and I am even more proud of him, my belief in him will never fade and my love just grows deeper for him. Finally he has stuck his hoof up at those who ever doubted him. This is also the amount of time it has taken for my racing colours (the colour scheme of the blog site) to become victorious, which added more excitement to the win.

He may not be a Winx but he is my champion!

Watch Ravitude score his second career win

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