On the brink of History

12 months ago another record in Australian Racing history etched itself in the record books, the great mare Winx equalled the record of 3 Cox Plate victories along side the great Kingston Town.

As soon as the announcement was made that Winx would then take on a never been seen before feat of going for 4 Cox Plate wins let alone 4 consecutive wins in the race, one that no other horse in racing history holds. As the runners in the Caulfield Cup crossed the line and Godolphin were celebrating the win of Best Solution in the race, Winx mania hit and began to build, that was just 7 days out from the historic run. 

This week, Winx mania hit fully with the wonder mare gracing the covers of many of the nations papers and on more than one occasion, there was also the release of the official Winx biography which many racing fans are rushing out to buy a copy, also a very large crowd that graced the grounds of Moonee Valley to attend the annual Breakfast with the Stars just to catch a glimpse of the wonder mare before the big race.

Now that we are on the eve of what has been built up as one of the biggest days of racing, the wonder mare no doubt is tucked away in her stall resting the motor and the legs that have a devasting turn of foot. As her rug was put on by strapper Umut Odemislioglu, I was able to catch up quickly with the mare (a long time after my first interview)

How are you feeling ahead of tomorrow’s big race?
I am very excited! To currently be along side one of the greatest racehorses in Australian history is amazing but to be able to hopefully exceed his record and add another record to my name was beyond my wildest dreams as a scrawny foal in the paddocks of Coolmore.

What has the week been like for you?
Nothing has been different, I have had days at the beach (with Ben Cadden looking after me) which are good for my legs and then I have gone to Breakfast with the Stars (as I do every year), Hugh has been legged aboard for my work out every morning to keep me ticking over. I still feel like a celebrity as there are always so many cameras wherever I go taking photos, I love the attention!

How exciting that you now have a book written about you….
Yes indeed it is! How cool is that, having a book written about my life and those who are behind me sharing the insights into what it is like to own a champion. When I get a quiet moment, I will curl up maybe with Umut and read it.

If you haven’t checked it out you definitely need to get a copy, any racing person should winx bookhave this book in their collection, especially to pass down generations. Copies can be purchased here

What are your thoughts on the retirement rumours?
It amazes me at just how many people have an opinion about when I should be retired, I guess being the champion I am different people would like to see me retire at different stages. All the keyboard trainers can have their opinions but those around me know me better than anyone.

The main man behind my success- Master trainer Chris Waller summed it up very well when he said “she will tell us when she has had enough and at present she is racing in career best form”, a statement also backed up by my owners. 

I don’t feel ready to have my shoes and racing silks hung up just yet, I really do love running and giving people some of the greatest memories on the turf. I also love drawing a crowd to the races, have you seen how many people come just to watch me run???

Speaking of heart stopping moments, your last start we were worried that you were going to get beat…
Oh I can understand why and I know that Hugh copped a lot of flack for the ride with most people saying he shouldn’t have gone for the inside run but pleaseeeeee…. Im Winx! As soon as I was given clear day light my engine revs up and I get to show my turn of foot that I have, I honestly don’t know why people were worried- have you not seen how quickly I can demolish a field?

What would it mean to you if you do win tomorrow?
Oh it would mean everything to me! It is my way of paying back those who every day look after me to make sure I am happy and healthy- Chris, Umut, Ben, Candice, Hugh (on race days) and of course my owners. It would also make me a very valuable broodmare and when that day comes I hope I can break the voodoo of champion mares not producing quality offspring- but hopefully that is not for many years.

Any final words to the other horses in the field?
Yes, be prepared to feel the Winx burn! Bring on 4 Cox Plates and another place in Australian History books, this wonder mare isn’t done yet.

Well on that note I have let Winx get her much needed rest, as we all perhaps start to plan our outfits for tomorrow and for those who haven’t decided on where they will watch the historic race scramble to finalise plans, one thing is for sure- we are all asking the one question- Can Winx do it?

Luckily, we now don’t have long to wait. Like kids on Christmas Eve, we all go to bed with the excitement of what will be upon us as not only all the nations eyes but the Tvs all around the world will be switched on to see if Australia’s wonder mare can break history by winning her 4th consecutive Cox Plate and also notch up win number 29 in a row- where will you be!

** note Winx’s responses are not actually from the horse, just me being funny**

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