1st Heartbreaking Day

Horse Racing is a sport that can provide a large number of people at the one time with an exciting thrill, as you hear the thundering of the hooves coming down the straight or even from seeing the champion mare Winx cruising around the outside of a field.

While some people are fortunate to experience the highest of high thrills but it can also bring you crashing down to earth in an instance. I have been on track when horses have broken down and you feel for the connections when the lose of a loved equine occurs through injury and you pray “i hope it never happens to me”. I have been fortunate enough that as an owner I have never had to experience the loss of my beloved race horses on the track, however, recently I got to experience this pain.

The stable I work for had some runners at Canberra recently and unfortunately one of our runners sustained an injury during the run which saw the horse put to sleep. While I don’t actually have an ownership stake in the horse (Our Foreman and some other staff members were owners and on course) having to do the administration tasks associated with the events that unfolded.

Part of my job is to update the horse status with Racing Australia, typically the status change from Active to spelling or transferred, this day was the first that I had to change a status to Deceased. It is hard to describe the feeling but I can tell you it did  not feel great at all, it made me really feel for the staff members that did own the horse and how they must be feeling- the worst feeling ever!!!

All I could do was imagine what they must be feeling and be there to support them in the best way I could. As a race horse owner I think that if it were my own horses how I would feel and it is an emotional feeling I would not wish upon anybody. For most of us that own race horses, they are part of our family and losing them is exactly the same as losing a human family member- not fun at all.

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