Been Away in Binnaway

Not so long ago I wrote about some of the places I have been lucky to experience thanks to my love of Racing. Well Saturday 5th May, my spontaneous nature kicked into gear again and I along with a friend/boss, ventured over 5 hours to the small remote township of Binnaway.

Now most have been asking “Where the hell is that” or perhaps another word was used in there but I have substituted it (I’m sure you can figure it out). Binnaway is a small town with a population of only 600 people and is located 35kms out of Coonabarabran. But like most of the small country towns in NSW they all have a race track and hold some of the best racing, even some of the biggest days for the town! The reason for heading to this little remote town was for their annual Binnaway Cup meeting, other than this meeting the race track is idle for the entire year. Now while the facilities won’t rival the members area at Royal Randwick, you are made to feel very welcome by the locals as they share their hospitality and showcase the local area’s talents (both equine and jockey).

For those that love seeing my outfits that I wear to the races, I can tell you now this day I opted simply for the jeans and warmer clothes, choosing to leave the dresses and the fascinators for home. However, some of the local girls really put in a huge effort with the fashions on the field, as did the gents as well.

The trip home, well was something to really share! With thanks to Suri I was taken on the long way home and possibly the trip added yet another 2 to 3 hours on the overall travel time, according to Suri though it was the quickest way home- I think NOT!! Although screwed over by technology and getting in at midnight, it was a great day out to experience racing on the remote country scale. 

Definitely something you must experience at least once, if it ain’t on your bucket list then pop it on there and head up next year.


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