First Day of The Dream

Well for those that have been following my story closely, will know that today was the first day in my new job. For those that haven’t been following, I suggest you take some time to read my blogs about always dreaming of working in the racing industry (it will bring you up to scratch, quickly).

Last night I was filled with lots of excitement and as hyped up as I was, I did manage to get myself to bed at a reasonable hour as the alarm clock was programmed to go off very early this morning. Definitely a change from the 1am starts I used to have to get up for when doing Stable hand work for James Cummings. This morning the clock sounded at 6am and without any hesitation I was into my morning routine before out into the car (on a dark and gloomy morning in Sydney).

Thanks to typical rainy weather in Sydney there was an accident on the M5 that delayed my arrival (but not by much). As soon as I arrived at the stables I was straight into learning what will now be my Monday morning routine (Nominations/Acceptances & sifting through emails to discuss with the Boss). Once that stuff is out-of-the-way it was onto another very important job- processing Wages!

As the day progresses I am in Ardex (computer system) a lot and fastly getting the hang of it, luckily I have a great director in Amber who is assisting me with getting to know my routine and how things are done in the office, poor girl I know is looking forward to getting back into the yard with the horses (hopefully soon!).

The day also involved making a few phone calls and a little shopping trip before wrapping up the day with sending out emails- debt collecting!

Overall, the first day was good and I feel that given time I will get used to what life will now be for me, it is no more listening to phone calls and evaluating calls, nor will it be standing in front of a room educating people- instead it is in an office in a Racing Stable.

As I sit here typing this blog, I can definitely tell that for the many decades (and not that I have existed for many) every day I have moved myself closer to this moment, the moment where from now on when asked “What do you do?” I can reply with ” I work in Horse Racing”.

Knowing that I have finally achieved my dream and hoping that through my journey and being able to share it that I can inspire others never to give up on their dream no matter how many times you are told “No”.

Oh for those that want to follow the stable that I am working for please find the website and Facebook Details below:



phar lap
The exhibit where it all began!

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