New Job Eve Nerves

As I sit here in my room on the eve before starting my new job tomorrow, I reflect back on what has led me to this moment.

I recall being the young primary school girl so excited and also quite nervous at the same time. My class had been told that we were going to Caulfield Race Course and the Melbourne museum to look at the Phar Lap exhibit, I look around and everyone is excited however, I was also filled with worry. Excited because I have always been a girl who loves horses and would spend hours reading horse books, drawing pictures of horses and just wanting to be at pony club, but then Nervous because my Mum was not a horse person and I knew that she wouldn’t let me go.

So I did what most naughty kids would do, I forged my mum’s signature on the permission slip so that I could go. 

The day arrived and I was so excited, I went to school as usual and then got on the bus to go to the excursion. Our first part of the trip was to Caulfield, we had a tour of the grand stand and around the track, we were then fortunate to go to some of the stables on course and hear from a Trainer and a Jockey about their job. It was here that I first laid eyes on the Thoroughbred up close. I remember the horse was a dark colour horse that had the biggest white blaze on its face and it kept wanting pats, when the time come to leave I had to literally be pulled away- I was fascinated so much by these creatures, they had a regalness about them, so much different from seeing them on TV.

We were then ushered onto the bus and en route to the Melbourne museum to look at the Phar Lap exhibit. Again being fascinated by racing I absolutely loved the exhibit as it had a lot of memorabilia from the Red Terror and Australia’s champion Phar Lap. 

Well I got found out, when I got home Mum had found out that I had forged her signature and boy did I get in trouble. Despite the trouble that I did get in, I finally realised what it was I wanted to do when older- I wanted to be in Racing, thoughts of Jockey & Trainer came to mind.

Well life got in the way of those dreams, however, I have always held onto my dream of working in the racing industry on a full-time basis, the passion that I have for horses and the connection with them I know in my heart that is where I have always wanted to be.

I have had many setbacks within my time as a race horse owner and even in trying to break into the industry, definitely hard to get into. I was applying for jobs and getting rejections for a variety of reasons. This time last year I was made redundant so again I turned to racing and took a morning trial in a stable, it didn’t work out. So I went back to looking for jobs in the corporate world and continued to get rejections. I took another chance on the racing industry and did a morning trial and Leilani Lodge with James Cummings. Again being around the horses saved me and my life, I had been made redundant way too many times for an early 30s and mentally I was not coping with it at all and felt that I was spiralling. Being around horses kept me grounded and also reminded me that being a stable hand is definitely not for me but something I enjoy from time to time.

After being interviewed by Thoroughbred Events Australia, I had found my niche of writing articles. It was from here that I have come to realise that being in Communications and dealing with people is where I want to be in the industry. So I began to look for such positions and yep you guessed it have had to face rejections again, although there were times I felt like giving up I never did- I kept striving towards finding that “in”.

Then one night I see a post on Facebook wanting a secretary for a well-known trainer in Randwick. So I got more information and went through the process. I now find myself sitting here on the eve of about to start a new role tomorrow as that Secretary.

I still pinch myself that as of tomorrow my dreams of being full-time in racing will come true, I will be working part-time in the Secretary role, I have this blog and the writing that I do for other media outlets- my life is now 100% racing, but as it is my passion it won’t really be work as I will love what I do.

My next chapter is about to begin and as it does I wanted to remind people to never give up on your dreams because along the journey you have to go through set backs in order to get successes. It is not about the set backs but it is about how you bounce back from them.

Never give up on your dreams!

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