What Ownership Is All About

There are many types of people who invest into race horses- there are those that purely see owning race horses as a business and as such treat their horses as investments, having little or nothing to do with the horse- except in the glory moments of being in the winners circle. Then the other common type of people who buy into race horse ownership are those that enjoy the social aspect of the sport and along with that share a deep love for their steed regardless if in the winners circle or running last.

I personally fall into the latter category, my horses are seen as part of my family and commonly referred to as “my kids” and when having to make the decision to retire Hawaiian Rose it was one that had me crying for quite some time, it was hard to have to say goodbye to her- that is how involved you come with these majestic animals.

The one thing I really enjoy is those moments that you get to spend with your horse when it is simply being a horse and not racing, those moments in the paddock watching it simply eat grass or run around doing what horses do, or even being in the stable when it is just relaxing and enjoying stable life. These are the moments that allow an owner and horse to bond on a much deeper level than just as an investment on the race track.

I am fortunate that the trainers of my horses have always allowed me the opportunity to come and spend the special time with my horses and to share the love I have with them. Now while Rosie and Belle are now being loved by other people, they will forever always be in my heart (and on my walls). In relation to Ravitude – he will always be with me and when he does finish his race career will live out his life still loved by me. 

My new filly Fidelius Charm who is trained by Gai Waterhouse and Adrian Bott is one that I am continue to build that bond with. Usually most people would think that with such a large stable there is no chance to be able to go visit your horse.

With these guys that is definitely not the case. Each and Every Sunday the gates of Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott are opened and owners are welcome to come in and get up close and personal with their horse as well as mingling with other owners (both in their horse and in others). Once the viewing of the horses is done we are then invited into the historic Tulloch Lodge for a chilled beverage and again more opportunities to mingle amongst the guests.

The best thing about this opportunity is that it doesn’t matter if you own a horse on your own, 50/30/20/10/5 or even 2.5%, Gai and Adrian along with their team of staff are always very welcoming and always happy to update you on your horse, even taking a snap of you up close and personal with your horse.

This is really what ownership is all about- the social gatherings that happen all because of a common interest, a love for the Thoroughbred and Racing!



Up Close and Personal with Fidelius Charm

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