A Big Moment in my Racing Life

Recently I shared an emotional post about trying to explain what it was like putting Ravitude’s first winning photo on the wall and I thought that would be enough for the emotional milestones for awhile, but life is funny how it can turn out.

With the change in environment for Ravi as he continues to prepare for his entry into Nick Mitchell’s stables, a lot of people questioned me on if I would register my own racing colours- my response was always no he can race in the stable colours, even in my initial consultations with the stable I also used the same response when asked to send racing colours. But I am the kind of woman that if you put an idea in my head then I am one to evaluate all the pros and cons before saying a final yes or no.

Well this was no different, one night (not so long ago) I found myself on Hylands website playing around with designing racing silks. The colours were an easy choice, I was always destined to go with my two fave colours and I wanted to see various combinations of what they looked like together. When giving this idea more detailed thought, I want to create a brand for myself within the industry- one so that when people see it they know it is me, so I looked at this very site and the colours that I had chosen- it was then I finally decided on what colours I would have. They have been well received on social media and those that know me well, expected the colour combination. 

For those of you who are right into the meaning of colours well here is the meaning:

Purple: This colour is more commonly associated with Royalty and also symbolises Power, Nobility, Luxury and Ambition. Along with this it also represents Wealth and Extravagance, Dignity, Independence, Creativity, Mystery and Magic.

Turqoise: Means Refreshing, Feminine, Calming, Sophisticated, Energy, Wisdom, Serenity, Wholeness, Creativity, Emotional Balance, Good Luck, Spiritual Grounding, Friendship, Love, Joy, Tranquility, Patience, Intuition and Loyalty

So with some of these characteristics of the colours myself and the leasees of Ravi are definitely going to be in for one hell of a ride.

Luckily, I didn’t have to wait too long but the application was submitted and within a few days the official registration notification was received, stamping another milestone in my racing career and that I never thought I would see or even imagine would happen- but it has! The sound of excitement that I let out when I opened the email with my registration certificate I am sure could be heard on all levels of the building I work in, those around me knew exactly what had happened, the feeling of accomplishment had come over me and others including feeling proud of myself, I have come so far in life and finally to have my own race colours and not those of a syndication company or another trainer, but my own is one that I hold dear to my heart.

Next is to see the colours on Ravi and as he crosses the winning post first and to see them in that winning pic!

Presenting Ravitude’s new race colours

26804547_10155795097076758_5118747287345241108_n (1)


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