One of my Proudest Moments

We all have those moments in life that we call our highlights, some for that year or some for a longer period in time. My life in racing has been no different, some of my all time favourite moments have come from racing. Such have included Hawaiian Rose breaking her maiden with favourite Jockey James MacDonald on board and getting the first winning photo in the mail.

August 26th 2017 will forever be a special day to me- not only was I fortunate enough to be on the grounds of Godolphin but it was the day that I got the best news- Ravitude had finally broken his maiden. It was his 15th start and had waited 2 years for him to cross the line first. As soon as I heard this news, I could not hold back the tears and became very emotional, they were tears of joy, tears of being proud and knowing that my faith had paid off, along with a lot of other emotions.


The second best moment in 2017, was today 28th December 2017 – finally being able to put his first winning photo on the wall. I am one that is usually not short of words and never struggle to find the ways to say in such moments, but today I find myself speechless. As I mount the picture on the wall, tears again fill my eyes and all I can say is the sense of feeling like a proud mum comes over me again, knowing that Ravitude has done what a lot of people said he would never do- Win a race!

While I know that this will hopefully not be the last winning photo it is one picture that means a lot to me and can now stand, look at and relive that moment and all the emotions of that day.


I simply could not be more prouder of my boy and he gives me the moments in life that are worth living- this is one of those moments that nobody can take away from Race Horse Owners. Everyone is different and this isn’t my first winning photo on the wall but it is these moments that make me love racing and makes me love my horses even more, this is racing!

Some say that owning race horses is a business and this may be so to some but to me it is much more than that and those feelings are something I can’t express but it keeps my heart beating, for moments like these make me feel alive!



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