My Newest Addition

Owning race horses is definitely a thrill, however does come with both highs and lows. While you enjoy the thrill of seeing your horse hit the race track and screaming from another place deep within as it crosses the line first, there are also the lows- having to retire horses.

For some owners, when you move horses on what do you do next…… replace them. Well for us passionate and dedicated owners anyway, I am no different!

So Belle Voleur is retired and most people close to me think I was only going to stick with one, my special boy Ravitude (separate post on him). But one was not enough, I wanted a girl.

A friend of mine was offering lease shares in a filly with Gai Waterhouse & Adrian Bott (always a dream to have a horse with Gai Waterhouse), by All Too Hard (Black Caviar’s brother and his babies are going well) and no outlay- I was hooked as soon as I saw her. Although, I typically go for horses with more bling, this one has prescence and that is one thing I like in my horses, she commands attention.

Without much convincing a close friend of mine has also come into the ownership along with her brother as well. Our filly is out currently spelling but will be back in the stable for her next prep as we head towards her maiden.

Introducing FIDELIUS CHARM (Charm)- All Too Hard x Fidelias Dance



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